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  About us

Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language has been running language course for foreign visitors, volunteers and temporary residents since many years. It is conveniently location in Thamel in the heart of city urban commercial and tourist zone.

All those interested in learning Nepali, whether your needs are for a short introduction or an depth study, are invited to come alone and talk to us about your requirements.

You will benefit not only from an easier interaction with the Nepali people but also learn about Nepal's customs, tradition and culture.



Some Nepali Phrases
* Namaste
* Sanchai chha?
* Sanchai chha
* Thik chha
* Hajur/ho
* Hoina
* Ramro chha
* Mero naam ... ho
- Hello/ good bye
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- ok/ alright.
- yes.
- No
- It's good / nice.
- My name is .........


Our Approach

We want you to really benefit from our teaching and will encourage you make the most of the class by preparing structured home work for you to reinforce your newly acquired language skilled and advance quickly.

We will measure your progress through regular written and oral testing programs.

Because we take your teaching seriously, We like to work to fixed schedules but we know that sometimes a lesson may have to be skipped. Should this happen we will try to rearrange your class at a more suitable time.




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